If you are in sales, you will inevitably come up against buyer resistance. Often what happens is we react with our primal flight/fight/freeze response. Whilst this can save your life in some situations, this type of reaction usually won’t help you in a sales setting.

Stellar Education’s “Psychology of Selling” includes 20 years of direct sales experience and understands this situation all too well. Our training and coaching help salespeople take steps towards a better outcome. Once you identify that the problem of resistance is actually an opportunity to learn more about your customer, you’re on your way.

There are many reasons why a prospective customer holds back on closing a deal. The key to success here is to be prepared for resistance and just ask another question.
In the linked Hubspot blog you will find some ideas that you can consider to help overcome or better understand resistance. Below is a summary.
In order to get the right answer, you need to ask the right questions.
An upfront, “what’s holding you back?” Will usually help you uncover any logistical or financial hurdles that may be in the way. This will help you decide if you can accommodate these issues.
Asking, “will you be able to manage if you delay?” might get an automatic, “yes”, but will also remind them of the problem they’ve been trying to solve. To intensify that sense of urgency, remind the prospective client that implementing a new product does not produce instant results and they should consider this when planning.
Asking “can I send you any valuable content about the product I might find going forward?” allows you to keep a foot in the door. This way you can continue to build up your status as a trusted advisor and stay in the front of the customer’s mind by sending helpful content to support them. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be the first person they’ll call.
Asking, “is there anything I can do to help you make a stronger case to your boss?” puts you and the prospective client on the same team. Supplying a page filled with talking points, a case study, article, blog posts or reviews can result in the prospective client feeling confident and comfortable enough to push forward.
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With a few simple techniques you can condition yourself to better serve your customers.